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Cherry Rush

Mocha Cream

Dr. Cherry

All cherry-lovers have been anticipating for this juice. The name speaks for itself - a rush of cherry when vaped for the first time. A true cherry burst exciting your taste buds - dedicated to the cherry fans - an easy choice as an all day juice to vape.
Coffee Lovers unite! A new coffee flavor tantalizing your taste buds. A smooth butterscotch flavor when inhaled followed by a sweet mocha flavor when exhaled. This coffee flavor will satisfy any sweet tooth's craving.
Dr. Pepper vs. Cherry Coke? We couldn't decide which flavor would win - and as the old saying goes "if you can't beat them, join them." And so, we combined the two to bring Dr. Cherry to our juice line. The flavor will baffle the palette, Dr. Pepper on inhale and CherryCoke on exhale or vice-versa. How did e-liqCube do that - a secret we'd never tell.


I have been a tobacco smoker for over 20 years. It has taken over my life with timely habits from the time I wake up to driving to work to my first break to lunch break to my second break, on my way home from work, after dinner and before going to bed. Needless to say I smoked more when I was socializing with family and friends. It came to a point when I realized how cigarettes has really taken over my life and it was time to kick the habit. I have tried nicorette gum, the nicotine patch and chantix pills. Well, I have to say the effects aren't successful and the side affects of Chantix was not good for my mental health. One day I was introduced to vaping by my cousin and I was completely amazed how pleasant the smell and affective the nicotine delivery to ween myself off of cigarettes. Not to mention, I started to breathe better and smell better most of all. My health is getting better everyday, since I no longer smoke cigarettes.

Written by: Anonymous
Date: 12 - 2013


Our Mission

 e-LiqCube is a company that cares about the people - partners and clients - and its environment.  We dedicate our strong will to provide the very highest quality in our products that we ensure all juice contents are Kosher/USP food grade and diacetyl/acetyl Propionyl free.  Inspired by our family values, we are dedicated to working with the most natural way to manufacture e-liquid juices.  We exist to provide our clients with juices they can trust.  VAPE UP YOUR SENSES with our uniquely blended juices.

Vision Statement

 Our vision for every smoker to transform their life and health through vaping; Our commitment to provide an e-liquid juice you can TRUST.  (All VG/PG are kosher and USP Food grade and nicotine is 99.9 pure)