E-Liquid Provider

ELIQCUBE DISTRIBUTION provides flavored e-liquids to e-cigarette consumers through retail and online stores. Our popular flavors: Pink Cubes, Melon Ball, Oober Goober, Frozen Tundra, Twisted Kiwi, Lemon Bobble and Half & Half.


Drop Shipment

DROP SHIPMENT FOR ONLINE STORES: Expand your market and carry all ELIQCUBE and Eloquent flavors, all our nicotine levels and bottle sizes on your online store without carrying the inventory! ELIQCUBE will ship your client’s order directly out of our warehouse. NO INVENTORY, NO OVERHEAD!


Private Labeling

Starting your own e-liquid line? How about a house blend for your smoke/vape shop?  Select mixed flavors offered by ELIQCUBE and services include: labels, blend, bottle and seal – fully manufactured by ELIQCUBE.



Full Service: Provide your recipe to ELIQCUBE and we will manufacture, bottle and label from start to finish! Services include: purchase of flavors according to recipe, labels, blend, bottle and seal – fully manufactured by ELIQCUBE.

Partial Services: Choose the services you’d like for us to provide for your company.

  • Mixing
  • Bottling/Production
  • Label  – compliance, print, application
  • UPC Codes
  • Lot Number Tracking